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Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning Services

Welcome to Tempe Cleaning Pros' Residential Cleaning Services, offering exceptional standard and deep cleaning solutions for homes in Phoenix and Houston.


Our dedicated team is committed to creating spotless and comfortable living spaces that cater to your unique needs. Experience our meticulous attention to detail, with services including kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom cleaning, as well as common area maintenance.


Let us transform your home into a sanctuary in Phoenix, Arizona, Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas!

Standard Cleaning Service


  • Clean countertops and dust-accessible surfaces

  • Wipe down the exterior of appliances such as stove, oven, and fridge

  • Empty sink and load dishwasher with dirty dishes

  • Remove garbage and replace garbage bags

  • Clean the inside and outside of Microwave

  • Clean all floor surfaces


  • Countertops: countertops are wiped off thoroughly to remove dust/spills/ and any other residue

  • Mirror and Chrome: all bathroom mirrors will be cleaned and chrome shined

  • Furniture in Bathrooms: dusted and wiped down

  • Empty Trash Cans: we will always empty trash cans and replace the bag

  • Mop Floors: floors will be thoroughly mopped

  • Bathtub: Tub is sprayed and wiped down (thorough scrub can be included at checkout)

  • Shower: shower will be sprayed and wiped down

  • Sinks: sink will be thoroughly cleaned

  • Scrub and Clean Toilets: toilets will be scrubbed and left spotless

  • Vacuum Bathroom: bathroom will be vacuumed thoroughly along with rugs


  • Quick organization: if we see items clearly out of place, we will do our best to declutter

  • Bed: we will make your bed! ( linens changed will be an add on)

  • Clean surfaces- all surfaces wiped down and dusted including tvs, bookshelves, and other knick knacks

  • Mop and vacuum: all will be either mopped or vacuumed

  • Common areas

  • No surface left unclean!

  • Vacuum and mop

  • Reposition knick-knacks

  • Dust off furniture, decor, etc


Deep Cleaning Service

Deep cleaning is recommended at the time of first cleaning to prepare for
ongoing maintenance.


Deep cleaning includes cleaning of:
● Outside of cabinets
● Baseboards
● Ceiling fans
● Light switches
● Door frames
● And extra time to scrub tubs/showers


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